Break a Blank Page

Have you ever felt out of sorts with your art and you can’t find the creativity to begin again? I definitely have. Here are some tips to start again and break a blank page.

1. Gesso a page
2. Gesso many pages
3. Gesso an altered book
4. Grab several embellishments and start placing them on your craft mat for your next project
5. Check your ephemera stash for a focal point you love
6. Drip ink on the page- now it’s broken
7. Spray ink on a page
8. Roll ink on an acrylic block, stamp all over the page
9. Mask off the borders of your page with washi tape
10. Use a ruler and markers to border your page
11. Spritz water on the page in various areas
12. Texture gel with a stencil
13. Make an ATC card for a friend
14. Stamp an image several times and color on cardstock to use later
15. Fussy cut images from paper
16. Make several die cuts of the same image
17. Start with the roller and gel plate to get color on the page
18. Distress the edges of a page or book page
19. Tear up some paper to use as strips on the background texture of a page
20. Write a list of possible creations. Use this list and start with one idea
21. Start drawling circles. Something about the shape of a circle gets your brain flowing and will warm up your hand to take action on your page.
22. Scribble in pencil with your non dominant hand. Page broken- now add a color. Scribbling on the page to take the black canvas fear away.
23. Write your name in pencil on the page in large font. You write and sign your name all the time. This can help you get out of the fear of ruining the page because it is YOURS now
24. Start a textured page with matte gel and cheesecloth
25. Press Distress ink or oxide on your craft mat. Now you have to use it. Grab your spritzer.
26. Batch your art and make a “set”- Work on several backgrounds at once- this can really make your journey blast off because you now have so many items to work on!


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