Art is.

Art for me is living to the fullest. When you are living out your destiny, you feel with every fiber in your being that this one thing was what you were put on this earth to do. For me, expressing myself through the arts feels like that. My name is Rachel, a 30 something from Houston, Texas that spends her mornings in her studio to give back to the world. Several years ago, I realized I had the ability to wake up each morning with the freedom to use my precious time to make something that adds to the beauty in my life. Once I discovered early mornings, I starting living for my art. I believe in coloring my world with love and hope.
Art is everywhere. On the streets of downtown Houston, I see the color and passion in graffiti that others would call disgraceful. Being conscious of the beauty God gives us each day helps me to be more creative in my art. Stop and smell the roses, but take a moment to look at the color of their petals.
Art is wild. Art that I make reminds me that getting excited about color and trying new things is what life is all about. Art is ugly. There are times in our lives the rain sadness, hard times, helps make beautiful art.
Art is not knowing. Throwing color on the page not knowing what will come of the end result is creativity in action. Being creative and using my talents to share joy with others is what art is all about. Art will choose us and because of that we will have a desire to create because I believe we were created to create.